About Us

CLMA Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the distribution of wide range of generic medicines and medical devices, with the local government units (LGU), rural health units (RHU) and government hospitals as main clients. Guided by its mission and vison, the goal is to support the government program in making essential pharmaceutical products more affordable to the poor and underserved without compromising the quality.

As CLMA Pharmaceuticals marks its 20th year, the company embarks in the importation and distribution of healthcare products into the country from renal care solutions – to medical furniture – to health and healing focusing on green technology. The company holds an exclusive contract with some of Malaysia’s and Singapore’s number 1 manufacturer of healthcare products.

This year, we are delighted to announce the launch of an extensive range of dialysis consumables designed to meet the evolving needs of modern dialysis clinics and enhance patient care under the “Satoribrand. The brand was created and tailored by Malaysia’s Hospitech Manufacturing Services Sdn. Bhd. exclusively for CLMA distribution to the Philippine market.

A distributorship agreement was also signed by CLMA Pharmaceuticals with LKL Metaltech Sdn. Bhd. to bring in and showcase high quality medical furniture products in the Philippines. LKL holds Malaysia’s majority market shares reaching a milestone of 50 countries across 6 continents for the manufacture and supply of healthcare beds, examination tables, delivery beds, and hospital ICU and CCU beds.

Not only the company focuses on the medical consumables, but to meet the growing needs of medical facilities and laboratories in the Philippines, DOE Industries Sdn Bhd., the leader of quality branded sanitary fittings in Malaysia introduces its “Medlab Series” of taps and mixers with the added special device that will improve protection and reduce transmission of infectious diseases. Often disregarded, sink is not just a sink, but for hospitals, sinks play role in infection control and prevention.

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Our Vision

To create a successful relationship with our clients based on trust and reliability.

Our Mission

To enrich lives by bringing quality and affordable pharmaceutical products.

Our Values

We value respect and integrity. We foster mutually beneficial relations with our clients and business partners.